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Have you ever wondered where all the best Southern Maryland singles are? 

Well you’re not alone. There are more singles than you might think in Southern Maryland, all wondering and asking exactly the same question. There just isn't any exclusively designated environment for them to gather as a group. Backyard Buddies is a private on and offline, singles dating/networking membership service. But don’t let our laid back name fool you. Our service is exclusively for singles living in Southern Maryland, with discriminating tastes who want to meet other like minded singles. 

While there are hundreds of online dating sites you could build a profile with and post a photo on, none of them will generate enough singles right here in your own backyard.  If you have ever experienced online dating, then you know what we mean. Most, if not all profiles, seem to be from some other far off place, so the people you may want to meet can be too far for that impromptu movie during the week or meeting them after work. This can make building   a relationship nearly impossible. Just getting acquainted means you need to reserve a good block of time. Especially when most of your matches if not all of them,   will be outside a reasonable driving distance from Southern Maryland. 

Typically online sites draw from a much larger radius 
of singles and only offer online services. While they may filter some criteria bases on your parameters, or even bring profiles to you, your still pretty much left to fend for yourself, so it’s all still hit or miss.  More personal services like matchmakers can cost you thousands of dollars to join and may only guarantee a limited number of matches.   





 The desire for human companionship
is as basic a need as shelter from the storm 

Whether you choose to spend thousands of dollars or use a large online site in the hopes of meeting more singles, it still comes down to the time it takes to develop any relationship. This can be a serious obstacle for anyone who lives in the land where “time and tide meet.” Especially if your busy in the community or commute to work 5 days a week. Trying to keep a relationship vital when you’re both separated by distance can be difficult, even for those already in a solid relationship. Trying to build one, if you can’t be with someone often enough, can make building a relationship even tougher. In this place of tranquil living, the time it actually takes to meet someone single and develop a solid relationship can keep a lot of singles from forming relationships at all. Backyard Buddies hopes to change that for all singles living in Southern Maryland, by bringing singles from the region together to form a community of singles, and enjoy each others company.  The rest is up to you.  

A private singles service in SOMD arranging member only events


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